Have I Mentioned How Much I Love Lipari

This little town is so much fun.  It’s great during the day.  There are loads of people walking around; tons of shops; fresh food on every corner; and lots of opportunities for hiking or swimming or going to another island.

DSCN6526 (Medium)

In the afternoon the main street through town transforms.  First, it’s shut down to vehicle traffic.  That sends a signal to all the restaurants and cafes to spread tables out on the street.  Because the World Cup is on, every cafe or restaurant has TVs set up.  When Italy played their first game (at midnight local time) there were huge screens set up all over town, and everyone – from babies to an older crowd – were out enjoying themselves in the local restaurants and bars.  (Cafes turn to bars at night.)

DSCN6560 (Medium)

One night we returned from a hike on Stromboli to find a live band at a local bar.  People were spilled out onto the street dancing.  We had to dance our way through the crowd – tired legs and all.  The next day we couldn’t find a trace of the place.  It was magical.

Tonight we went down to the port to check emails, and found a grandstand set up with another live band playing American rock music.  It looks so professional – I wonder what is going on.  In any case, it looks like it’s going to be another great night.

Tomorrow Italy plays again in the World Cup – this time at 6 local time.  We can not wait.


Have I mentioned I how much I love Lipari!