I don’t Know Where We Gonna Go now that the Volcano Blowed!

“Now I don’t know

I don’t know

I don’t know, where I’m gonna go

When the volcano blow.”  Volcano lyrics – Jimmy Buffett


Mount Etna erupted Sunday night.  When we planned our trip last year Mount Etna has been quiet since 2002/2003.  She started up activity in November of 2013, let out a few minor lava flows, and went quiet again in the early spring.  Etna has a pattern of major eruptions every 10 years or so, so she was overdue for a big one.

When we visited a week and a half ago, the southeast crater looked like a boil that was about to pop.  It was letting off short ash clouds.  We were there during the day.  What I’ve now learned from watching Stromboli’s eruptions is that those ash bursts on Etna were undoubtedly red hot lava – we just couldn’t see that in the daylight.

South east crater on Mt Etna - June 9, 2014.
South east crater on Mt Etna – June 9, 2014.

Now that Mount Etna has erupted, it looks like we’re going to cut our time in Lipari short to head back there and view the fireworks.  Next week.  Once the volcano calms down a little ….